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Ribbons & Organza

Welcome to Event Decor Shop, your destination for beautiful venue decor. Explore our collection of organza and ribbons to add elegance and charm to any event. Enhance the ambience of your venue decor by customising it with our exquisite organza and ribbons. These materials' delicate sheen and versatile nature will create a truly magical atmosphere. 

Our organza and ribbons are available in an extensive range of colours and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect match for your event theme and requirements. There are various options available to suit different occasions and preferences. Our versatile organza fabric is perfect for DIY decorations and our satin ribbons have the perfect elegant look for special occasions. Our grosgrain ribbon is easy to work with and provides the perfect finish to gift wrapping, invitations, wedding stationery, greeting cards and other homemade or personalised gifts. So, whatever the occasion, we have the perfect fabric for you to perfect your décor.  

Get inspired with creative ways to use organza and ribbons in your venue decor. The possibilities are endless, from bows and chair sashes to table runners and backdrop accents. In addition, these can be utilised creatively by incorporating them into sewing projects, costumes, accessories, and scrapbooking. 

Shop online now for Free UK Standard Delivery on all orders and Free UK Next Day Delivery on orders over £40. Buy with MultiBuy for Prices as low as £1.50 and make your whole venue look flawless.  

Elevate the sophistication and unity of your upcoming event with the Event Décor Shop's organza and ribbons. Use them to create a stunning ambience that is sure to spark conversation among your guests.