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10th Nov 2021

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to start planning your home decorations to enchant your friends & family this festive season. To help you create the best ambience in your home during this holiday season, we have put together a collection of décor elements that will delight your guests and make it a Christmas party to remember.

Table Accents

If you are hosting a Christmas dinner party, holiday brunch or just a get-together, your delicious menu will be incomplete without some beautiful festive dining settings. Christmas tablecloth, chair hood covers, cutlery sacks are just some of our hand-picked décor elements that will set the cheerful Xmas theme in your home.

Christmas Tablecloth

During the festive period, we tend to spend more time around the dinner table than at any other time of the year. So what better place to start with than your dining table. Red & White is the absolute best colour combination for the festive season & this Red fabric tablecloth with white borders is the perfect way to bring in the warmth of Christmasy colours in your home. While it completely transforms the appearance of your dining table, it also protects the surface from spillage. The chair hood covers in hat shape with pom-poms at the end beautifully drape your chairs, giving them a new feel and adding to the overall ambience.

Cheery Runner

If you are looking for something minimalistic yet elegant, then our Christmas table runner is the perfect choice for you. It adds just the right amount of red to your table setting while providing the ideal platform for presenting your guests a hearty meal. To add to the charm, choose these cute & fun Christmas sock & hat shape cutlery holders that are very soft to touch and easy to clean afterwards.

Jingle-All-The-Way Napkins

Table napkins might seem too upscale for the home setting, but these jingle bell embellished fabric napkins are an ideal addition to any formal or casual family meal. These festive serviettes are 100% washable, so you do not have to worry much about cleaning them afterwards. Just put them in the tumbler, and they will be as good as new again.

Candle Sparkle

Xmas tables will be incomplete without some sparkle of lights. This elegant diamante studded candle stand serves two purposes; it provides a safe way to place your candles on the table and also works as an eye-catching centrepiece even without a lit candle! If you want a much more eco-friendly option than you can easily replace the real candles with some flameless LED tea lights that are available in multiple colours.


Modern Rustic

The style of Christmas decoratives keeps changing every year, but string lights have been the mainstay since decades. LED string lights are quite popular these days, but if you want to add a touch of rustic glow to your holiday, these G40 string lights will be your best bet. The warm glow of these lights adds a cosy & comfortable feel, ideal for wintery Christmas night.


These budget-friendly ideas will definitely help you create an outstanding décor theme for your home this Christmas. You can always try combining various elements to lend a unique personal touch to add a fantastic ambience to your space. For more inspiration, you can always check out our eclectic collection of décor products. To make it extra special, we are offering 5% off on your next order once you signup with us!!!