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How To Make a Christmas Door Bow

How To Make a Christmas Door Bow

Posted by Evie Fryer on 26th Sep 2023

There is no better way to invite the Christmas season in than by wrapping your front door with a beautifully festive bowAs an event decor company selling premium organza rolls, we understand the importance of creating a magical ambience during this special time of the year.

Our instructions will guide you in creating a beautiful Christmas Door Bow. Additionally, you can watch our video for a demonstration.

Materials you will need:

Organza fabric

•Twist ties 


How much fabric do you need?

It depends on your front door dimensions. You need to cut three pieces of fabric; one to wrap horizontally, a second to wrap vertically, and one for the bow.

•Width: Two times the width of your door + 1 metre to make the horizontal wrap. 

•Height: Two times the height of your door + 1 metre to make the vertical wrap. 

•Bow: 1 metre of organza for the bow.

You can access this information on materials and download it here: Materials

Step-by-Step Guide: 

Watch our Demonstration Video here: DIY Christmas Bow Video Tutorial

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Event Decor Shop Team!