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​Our Ultimate Tablecloth Guide

​Our Ultimate Tablecloth Guide

1st Feb 2022

Table Cloth

For any special event, being able to set a tone and create something beautiful can really help spark things into life.

It is often the small touches that make the biggest difference here. This means that if you are planning a party, event or get together any time soon, making sure you no stone is left unturned can be really beneficial.

At Event Décor Shop, we understand this approach implicitly. Our collection of event tablecloths is full of products ideal for parties and a variety of other purposes.

Given how much we know about this type of product, it would be rude not to share some of our insight with our readers. So without further ado, take a look through our ultimate tablecloth guide and find the perfect products for you today.

The importance of a tablecloth

Why have a tablecloth at all? Well, there are a few key reasons that spring to mind.

The first is protection. With tables at events being where activities such as meals, drinks and plenty of other goings on occur, it is important to protect their surfaces and prevent spillages or mess from damaging the table itself.

Another key benefit of using a tablecloth is their aesthetic value. With plenty of different colours, sizes, shapes and materials available to comprise your tablecloth, they can play a vital role in creating a particular vibe or feel at an event.

Of course, generic tablecloths work perfectly well in protecting a table and its surface. But by being creative with product selection, it is possible to create an impressive theme that really helps to spark your event into life.

Understanding different tablecloth types

With this in mind then, there are a number of different types of tablecloth available that can be a great buy and meet your requirements as a retailer.

With such variety available, we wanted to go into the factors behind your decision and help you understand exactly what’s what on the tablecloth front.

Size and shape

Table Runner

Most tablecloths come in two shape styles – round and square/rectangular. This is obviously to match up with typical table dimensions. You don’t tend to see too many triangular tablecloths!

Round tablecloths are perfectly designed for the circular tables you often see at events like wedding receptions, corporate dinners, parties, and other similar events. Being specially made for this type of table gives these tablecloths a style and sophistication that can really take the vibe of an event up a gear.

Square and rectangular tablecloths are a perfect choice for traditional table shapes, and can cover anything from trestle tables to larger dining tables.

Many of the tablecloths we stock at Event Décor Shop are fitted, giving them an extra level of stability and style to boot.

Materials matter

With party tablecloths designed to be that extra layer of protection between the table’s surface and those using it, the materials that are used for your tablecloth matter.

Different materials have a different effect on the eye, and a different ability to deal with what guests or people generally will expose them to.

At Event Décor Shop, we stock a varied collection of tablecloths in a selection of materials. Our cotton-polyester tablecloths are a classic of the genre and come in a marvellous array of different colours.

We also stock brilliant plastic tablecloths in a host of styles and colours. These super affordable products are well worth a browse and can really help spark some colour and life into a venue.

Table Decor

Another option is the spandex tablecloths we stock. These are a variation on the classic plastic tablecloth and have an air of glitz and glamour. And why not match the spandex tablecloth with a round spandex cocktail cover?

A further exciting choice is our range of Damask tablecloths. With a silky feel, these products can really help add some sophistication to proceedings, enhancing the visual appeal of your table décor.

Whatever you go for, you can rest assured that the quality of your purchase from Event Décor Shop will be second to none.

Shop with Event Décor Shop today

We hope you have found this tablecloth guide to be a useful and insightful resource. Be sure to take a look through our full table décor range, as well as our chair décor and venue décor collections.

To start stocking up on the event décor we have available, you can create an account with Event Décor Shop today. And if you already have an account, simply sign in and start shopping with us today.

Take a look too at our delivery options, and if you have any questions, simply get in touch with our team and we will be happy to help!