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How to use artificial flower wall panels | Event Décor Shop

How to use artificial flower wall panels | Event Décor Shop

1st Mar 2022

How to use artificial flower wall panels

      Flower Wall Panel

The natural world is something we have grown to appreciate more and more. Whether it’s been through supporting the environment or simply taking a walk in nature during the recent lockdowns, engagement with the natural world has been encouraged.

Here at Event Décor Shop, we think it’s fair to say the beauty of nature is something that can inspire us. This is reflected in many of the products we stock within our range.

A notable example is our collection of artificial flower wall panels. Pleasing on the eye and serving a range of different purposes, artificial flower wall panels are a great option for a number of projects and locations.

In the latest Event Décor Shop blog, we take a look at why these products are so good, how they can be used, and what Event Décor Shop has to offer.

Why are artificial flower wall panels appealing?

Artificial flower wall panels have two main elements that are key to their appeal.

The first is colour. The beauty of nature is channelled through the bright, vibrant colours that feature in different flowers. When applied through flower wall panels, the colours and visual appeal enhance the beauty of an indoor space. Flowers also come in a host of shades, meaning it is easy to put together an artificial flower wall that really ties in with a certain theme or vibe.

The second key element is texture. As well as bringing colour, flower walls have a further impact thanks to the soft and gentle texture that the flowers have. They also help to create comfort and warmth.

How can artificial flower wall panels be used?

Artificial flower wall panels are a great addition to a number of spaces and can be a real mood-setter.

They can be used domestically with ease, and are great for feature walls in living rooms or hallways. They can be a wonderful addition to a bedroom too, giving that burst of colour and texture.

Flower walls are also a brilliant option for events. Venue owners might be keen to invest in flower wall backdrops, as they make the perfect photo backgrounds and can set a particular tone.

Other business owners, like café owners, hoteliers or interior designers, should consider artificial flower arrangements and wall designs for any space they are revamping.

For more information on how to put together flower wall decor, take a look at this video from our YouTube channel.

What does Event Décor Shop have available?

Here at Event Décor Shop, we have a wide variety of artificial flower wall panels available for you to buy and help you put together that perfect textured, colourful surface you desire.

We stock a host of light coloured panels in pastel shades. These include our hydrangea artificial flower wall panels, which come in colours such as baby pink, blue and purple, champagne, and hot pink and ivory. There are also a host of deeper colours, including our hydrangea artificial flower wall panels in purple, red and violet.

Artificial Green Grass Wall Panel

And we have particularly natural-looking choices too. These include our artificial green grass wall panels, and our variations on these that come withfour flowers and five flowers.

Be sure to browse through the full Event Décor Shop collection of artificial flower wall panels and find exactly what you are looking for. All our panels measure 60cm x 40cm, but can easily be fitted together to cover the desired area you have in mind.

Buy Wonderful artificial flower wall panels Today

We hope you have found this blog to be of interest and that it has provided you with ideas on how best to create and use artificial flower wall panels.

Be sure to browse through our range and find what you need. And take a look at our delivery options too.

If you have questions, that’s no bother. The Event Décor Shop team will be happy to help. Simply get in touch